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Lytec 2009

Lytec 2007 Pre Release

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ATTENTION ALL LYTEC USERS: The NPI Requirement deadline is fast approaching... All versions prior to Lytec 2006 are incapable of storing the NPI on the new CMS 1500 forms. Ensure that your practice is ready to accomodate the new regulations- keep your software up to date!

Lytec 2009 has many benefits and new features. Here are a few highlights of the new items found in Lytec 2009:

Improved Patient Statements - New fields have been added to patient statements including charge adjustments, balance, insurance payments, patient payments, patient notes, and customized messages on each statement.
Modification to Charges and Payments Screen - In the Charges and Payments screen, there is a new check box called "Show item payments". Checking this box makes payment and adjustment details display directly under their corresponding charge line item.
Integrated EMR Billing Interface- Medical Connect is Gone! Now simply purchase an activation license to turn-on the integrated EMR Billing Interface using Lytec's normal Charges & Payment functions.
Billing Status Code - This code is stored per billing number and can be used as a filter to include or exclude on all financial reports and when printing claims and statements, or sending electronic claims.
Billing Inactive Codes - This new feature will warn you when you save the bill of any and all inactive values used in that bill, all in one warning screen.
Create Charges from Appointment Scheduler - Easily create a new charge directly from the appointments screen. View Appointment
Streamlined Record Searching- Tired of being locked down by having to type in exactly what you're looking for? Lytec 2009 allows the user to search from multiple search methods. Find Like, Exact, Begins With, and Ends With are all now easily used search options within Lytec 2009.
And Many More Including: Practice Analysis Subtotal by Provider, All Data Fields are Available for use in Custom Reports, Added Month to Date and Year to Date totals in Financial Reports, Added Location and Facility Subtotals to Financial Reports, Prepayment Activity Zero Balance Supression, Patient Notes Security & Audit Trail Enhancement, Patient Merge Utility, Year-End Patient Payment Detail (Income Tax Report), Multi-Select Mode Reporting, Share Appointment Templtes, and more!

To order your Lytec 2009 software, call our office at (888)333-4288 or fill out a Request for Quote form on our website and our sales team will contact you shortly.


Increase Cash Flow    Faster Billing    Simplifies    

Improve Scheduling    Adapt to Your Workflow    HIPAA Ready

Lytec 2008 is here!


  • Actionable collection work lists
  • Criteria based collection assignments
  • User based activity reporting by login (HR)
  • Collection activity reporting
  • Integrated ERA (Electronic Remittance Posting)
  • Easily customizable data entry workflow
  • Personalize your own billing screen
  • Forecast expected cash flow
  • User based login and activity reporting (HR)
  • Database encryption (HR)

(HR) required to meet the HIPAA Security Provision.

Check out Lytec Professional Scheduler (click to download) - The best value in patient appointment scheduling solutions with its unsurpassed features and affordability.

View a Lytec 2008 Evolution of Features (click to download)








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